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The Old Republic
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There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.


So, you're interested in the game? Great! Characters in TOR are both original characters and canon characters. At this point, canon characters are limited to one per player, and they cannot be your first character. You don't have to be a Star Wars guru to join! If you have questions about the timeperiod, please consider seeing the reccommended reading. We're looking for everyone from Padawans to Sith Masters, from simple Joe Schmoe on the street to a notorious Smuggler. Find your place!

1. Create a journal for your character using the following format: characterfirstname_characterlastname. If your character name is too long, use firstinitial_lastname. If it's still too long and/or taken, please email the mods at oldrepublic.mods@gmail.com.
2. Send an e-mail with the following information to oldrepublic.mods@gmail.com:

     FORCE SENSITIVITY: (Yes/No, if yes, strengths/weaknesses. The character that is strong in everything is rare indeed, and also give your character room to grow and learn in the RPG)
     FACTION: (Your character's affiliation, if any; i.e., jedi, sith, Nar Shaddaa's bounty hunters guild, etc.)
     REPUTATION: (Your character's reputation among those that know him/her; this should also include how well-known they are among their faction, or people of the same occupation.)
     PERSONALITY: (The more detailed, the better. This should be at least 150 words long.)
     BACKGROUND: (The more detailed, the better. This should be at least 150 words long and include any information pertinent to your character's history, including his/her lineage, and how they came to be in their present situation.)
     PERSONAL INVENTORY: (This is a detailed list of everything your character has in their immediate possession at the start of the game. Soldiers, jedi, and renegade jedi are likely to have little in their possession, as soldiers are given the basic necessities by their superiors, and jedi believe that the force will provide what they need.)
     SAMPLE POST: (This is a first-person journal entry, as written by your character.)
     ROLEPLAYING SAMPLE: (This is a first- or third-person roleplaying "pose", dictating your character's thoughts, action, and dialogue.)

3. Add a character profile and disclaimer to your character journal's userinfo. Please include all of the information you detailed in your application in their userinfo. (Ex. http://nara_tikal.livejournal.com/profile/)
4. Log in as your character and request to join theoldrepublic.

After you've done that, wait for mod approval. If you have followed the instructions and meet our requirements, you will be approved. If something is wrong with your application, a mod will reply to you letting you know what needs to be changed and why.

Once you are approved, you may begin posting immediately. Please be sure to read the FAQ and rules and read recent posts in theoldrepublic in order to get a good idea of what is going on and how the game is being run. Also please add your PB to the roster (linked in the FAQ / Rules)

When your application is approved, you will recieve a tag from the moderators. All entries you post and comment on in both theoldrepublic and tor_comlink must have this tag.

Until July 1st, we will allow each player to apply for up to three characters. After that, a player can only request a character once a month.


JD [jd3000] ♠
Phoebe [ancalemon] ♠
Josh [scorptilicus] ♠
Nitesh [nitesh_update] ♠


theoldrepublic - Main community. Threads are in narrative form.
tor_archives - Out of Character community.
tor_holos - Developmental community. IC memes, etc. live here.


Thank You to the mods and players of the_blank_slate for letting us use their game as a jumping point orgainizationally.